Saturday, July 05, 2008

Random Realities of Real Life

While splurging in luxury, and drinking coffee while surfing the web (ie., checking email, blogging, etc.), I am listening to a busy dad upstairs making pancakes with 3 small, motherless children. The busy-ness above me could be a reflection on the busy-ness of life around us and ahead of us lately.

My computer is still with the Geek Squad at Best Buy. (No comment on it's "success" because I have none: they don't return my calls or answer the phone when I call.)

My generous, sisterly heart offered to make 5 bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding in order to pay back all that nanny service she gave us for several years. Thankfully, my sister here was the "umph" I needed to just go ahead and offer my sewing services. It happened in a phone call when I told my sister-in-law that Britt could not seem to find any dresses but the idea she had seemed simple and you-wouldn't-think-too-hard-to-find. "Why couldn't we just make them?" was the question asked and the next thing I knew, I had yards and yards of shimmering bridesmaid fabric sitting on my porch. Now that we're trying out another pattern, things should start taking shape soon.

My daughter is also in the wedding and is required to wear a flower girl/miniature bride dress. That project sounds really, really fun. I want to do one of those white, fluffy, full, yards and yards of tulle, little dresses. Thankfully, the boys require no sewing for this event so I'm really thankful that we have 2 boys and 1 girl in our little family, just for sewing purposes.

My schedule isn't quite full yet so we're sticking in a little camping trip next weekend. That sounds like loads of fun. We're going with a group of couples/families from church and we're just staying one night, about 45 minutes away. The plan is to split our family and Toby's brother's family between a tent and a camper... girls in one, boys in another, type of thing. The kids are really looking forward to "canting" (as they call 'camping') and Toby and I think it'll be fun to just chill and hang out for a day or two with friends and family.

Since this is a very random post, I'll fill you in on another few details...

2 applications of sun block does not keep me from burning on July 4th.

Alex is not walking yet; if he learns within the next 2 months, he will walk down the aisle at Britt's wedding. (Not exactly to commemorate his achievement but you could look at it that way if you want.)

Mowing on a gigantic John Deere tractor in a cemetery can result in tipping one gravestone over. I know because I tried it. Well, I didn't exactly try but it did happen.

A cat that mouses by pulling live mice out of a hole in the wall, five feet off the floor and then kills them and puts the dead mice on the office chair is good. A cat that "snakes" (she catches/kills snakes) and puts them in a plastic grocery bag that just happens to be laying on the floor is better; you just take the bag out and throw it away without even touching the snake. Let's just say our cat is definitely earning her keep.

Fourth of July is by far my favorite holiday. It always has been ever since I can remember.

I always look twice when I see a National Guardsman so when they're in the parade, I tend to stare. The National Guard in our town's parade is my favorite display -- even if they do tuck their pants into their boots. They're my favorite next to the Pro-Life float. I saw a quote yesterday that made a lot of sense: "You can't have Liberty and Justice for all without Life."

Fire trucks that spray water in the parade are a big hit.

Taking pictures of fireworks is easy. Getting pictures of fireworks to turn out nice is hard/difficult/next-to-impossible/etc.

Not turning all the lights out in the park where the town fireworks are displayed, is annoying and takes away from the fireworks.

Seeing 3,200 white crosses on the college lawn was stunning and shocking. We all know that many babies die every year in our country but to see a symbol of each life is heart breaking. Pray to end Abortion!

I am feeling guilty for sitting here while Toby slaves away on his Saturday morning breakfast tradition. I should at least go get the syrup on the table. Or set the plates out. Or offer 2 adult hands in a kitchen overran by toddlers.

Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth and remembered that the Liberty and Justice we have in our country is because of God. But still, our liberties would be limited if it wasn't for the freedom our country has given us to worship and live the way we want. May we never forget The Hand that turns the king's heart.


Breckheimer Family said...

Uh oh. Did you spill the beans? Britt has not officially (and by that I mean blogged)declared her plans to wed. How very exciting though!!

Happy sewing!

BrittLeigh said...

At the moment, you have exactly 55 days to get my little man to walk... add that to your schedule ;)

Lady Ruth Ann said...

thanks for the update!!! Busy time of year...

Oh...regarding the little man in the wedding - we knew of some people who had the little guy & gal pulled down the aisle in a little wagon. :) although it sounds that Britt is really intent on having him walking. :) Ok, then let's all pray to that end. Little people in weddings are SO adorable!!

That was very sweet of you to offer your services to sew dresses for your sister's wedding. I'm sure it'll be such a blessing to her, and mean more than you'll ever know. :) I'm being serious here.... And I'd assumed that one of those 5 dresses would be for you...

OH!! Little girl flower girl/mini bride dresses are SO CUTE!!! :) That'll be so much fun, and tuxes on the little fellows are so cute!! We knew someone who made a little tux for the 18 month old son...he was so sharp looking and adorable...and was the "talk" of the day. :) (well, sort of)

Keep us updated please....Britt hasn't update in almost a month...I'm so excited for her but wish she'd talk more. :) *grin* I'm sure she's busy though, very excited & sidetracked. :)

Well, this is a very long comment but you left a very long post. :) So it should be fine.

Jean said...

Enjoy the big sewing bee - hope that all the dresses fit the first time around it can be quite a hassle to alter them at the last minute. Hope the little fry can keep out of the pins and buttons so that you don't have any emergency trips to the hospital.