Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What I Expect in the New Year

Before I commence blogging in the New Year, I believe it is most necessary to bring to light a true and definite need. It's a burden I'm sure many of you faithful readers are not aware of. A burden that I carry daily.

If I could do anything to stop time, I would.


Because it's been 5 years since I walked down that aisle and out of singleness. And I left all but 2 friends behind me. And I'm already 5 years ahead of all my single friends. And when they do finally get married, we will hardly be able to be newlyweds together anymore!

And this is tragic. I mean, true friends stick by each other to the end and here I am enjoying marriage and kids and babies and child birth and labor and they sit there on the side waiting. Alone. With no one there beside them. I am not being a very good true friend.

So, I made one New Year's resolution this year. Yes, ONE. I decided to take one day a week to pray for a certain friend and her unknown prospective spouse. The next day, another friend, and so on and so forth. Seriously.

I know if I stop the time right now (even if I could) I would mess with God's plan... unless He had it in His plan to have me stop time but we all know that's probably not possible. But, if I support God's plan and pray for all you lassies out there, perhaps it will turn the heart of your prince and cause the wedding sun to shine on you.

We all know that marriage is not for everyone; some of us do never marry. But, a wise older man once told my husband (it happened to be in the week he met me) that most people do marry.

We all believe that singleness is a blessing. And we are single unless we marry, not until. (a little change of perspective there.) But, scripture also says that "he that finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord." (Proverbs 18:22)

It high is time for some young men out there to start obtaining favor of the Lord and for you girls to become "good things."

That is why I'm praying.


BrittLeigh said...

"We all believe that singleness is a blessing."

Whoever said that must've had a bad experience with marriage. :)

And bless your sweet, sweet heart. I like the way you think. :)

Pat VE said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you and think it wise to pray for these individuals. In a lot of cases, we're not talking about teenagers, but men and women going into their 30's. Perhaps our generation has had a bad role model on what marriages should be. There is no doubt that the world has made it out to be for the naive. Thank the Lord, that His plans and designs do not change. Young people and their parents should be praying for godly spouses for their children from a young age. I've heard of some who do so from birth. I really appreciate your articulating the problem. God does anwswer prayer.

Cheri said...

Aww, you're so sweet Courtney!

Anonymous said...

I ditto Brittney, Courtney! :)

You are so, so sweet! You have no idea what a good example of a godly, Christian wife you are to me... I admire you so much! I pray that someday, when I "grow up" ;) the Lord will let me be just like you! I'm so glad that your man obeyed Proverbs 18:22! :) God has done wonderful things for you... and I am so happy for you!!! I'm sure that as I think about your wedding day and how beautiful it was and look at your sweet, precious family now, I clearly see a tremendous love-life story that only God could write!

Keep looking to Christ! :) You're such a blessing!!!

Jean said...

What a refreshing post. You are a busy wife and mother and yet you have an exercise to pray particularly for your single friends. May the Lord bless you for this exercise.

The "singles" certainly need the support of their friends. It is easy for them to think that they are "left behind" or missing out. Pray the Lord will give them a spirit of contentment in their current circumstances as they await His good timing.

Elizabeth said...

Aww ... this post is so sweet! I'm an unmarried girl of 23 ... and I really appreciate it!