Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Good Way To Start My Day

I woke up this morning facing my day with yesterday's laundry still waiting on the dining room table and another load patiently waiting in the dryer. I had forgotten to start the washer early enough in the evening last night in order to finish the entire job by bed time. But, laundry always waits.

The house is slightly cluttered from our busy weekend though I've worked endlessly to get things back to full order.

Curtains still sit on the table waiting to be hung.

Vacuuming still needs to be done.

The bathroom still needs to be cleaned.

The garbage still needs to be brought to the dumpster.

Janae's room still has wallpaper waiting to be peeled off.

The dishwasher needs emptying, the kids' closets need to be organized, the office area needs to be cleaned, the roof leaks, fleas are coming back, the ants came marching home again... etc.

So, unfortunately, I wasn't too thrilled about getting up this morning.

I hadn't told Toby my list of things to do but I think he could probably see at least half of the jobs.

When I came to my computer this morning to check email, a little yellow sticky note sat on my desk bearing familiar hand writing on it.

And there, waiting for me to get up, was a sweet little love note from someone special who always knows how to help me get off on the right start each day.

I don't need caffeine to get me motivated in the morning; a love note does far more to me than even the most zappy cup of coffee.

Coffee doesn't give me reason to get my laundry done; a love note does.

Coffee doesn't inspire me to just hang the curtain; a love note fills my head with all kinds of window treatment ideas.

Coffee doesn't motivate me to get the dishwasher emptied; a love note reminds me that I need to get all my work done before that someone special comes home.

Coffee doesn't make me want to get out of bed in the morning; a love note makes it hard for me to stay there.

Thanks Toby... and I love you too.


BrittLeigh said...

My thought upon the commencement of reading this post was "Oh boy, she needs me."

Upon the completion of it however, the sentiment remains: "Guess not."

Si said...

Thanks for the reminder of how much a love note from your spouse can do for the soul. :-)

Teri from PW and OPO said...

Sigh .. I am relagted to coffee .. no wonder my laundry never gets done!

Coeur d'Court said...

Yes Britt, I guess I don't need you. :) (I still need your telephone number though...)

Si... Yes, love notes are important in a marriage. Sometime I think we think that they are too small of a thing to make THAT big of a difference.

LOL Teri! Keep drinking coffee. :)

Bethany said...

Awww...so sweet! Loved the post Courtney. You have such a precious, real way of putting things!

BrittLeigh said...

Well, Court, you know how to reach my voice mail... I will get back to you! :P