Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work


I'm going to rename my children and give them all the middle name "Patience" so that I will remember the key ingredient to being a mom: patience.

"Landon Patience, I told you not to..."

(think patience, think patience, think patience...)

"Janae Patience, you were told to..."

Today has been especially challenging to remember how important patience is. To forget even for a moment the importance of that virtue, can wreck havoc for all.

I'm thoroughly convinced that my darling children have launched a campaign to evaluate the accurate amount of patience their loving mother has. Indeed, the trials inflicted during recent events, have been motivated only to see the level of patience her gracious being possessed. I'm not sure if they will impeach me as the guardian and mother of their life but hopefully if I pass their test, I will not have to find out if they indeed plan to elect another mother.

And if they do find another mom, a day like today makes me think that it wouldn't really be all that bad for me. But, the poor new mom!

The male population of my children began the first trial today. He decided he didn't need his diaper changed when he got up and that we would only have chips for breakfast. There was also supposed to be a surplus of juice in his cup.

To top it off, there was no reason why he couldn't disturb the peace of the then peaceful and sleeping occupant of the female quarter in the upper end of our village. No whispering allowed. And definitely not right outside the sleeper's door.

As peace talks were negotiated in the lower part of town between the violator and the law enforcement, the rest of the town began to stir. As the occupants of our village began to mingle, the sun just couldn't seem any brighter. An unusual nostalgic peace was over all.

That was until the first mob broke out.

Meal arrangements were in order and a certain member of our village was dining respectively in her assigned area. Apparently, the contents of her cup were thought by a male citizen to be an unlawful substance. From the reports gathered by those investigating, the citizen's evaluations were made merely based on the color of the victim's cup which thus resembled apple juice which we all know only goes to those over the age of 2.

Law enforcement agencies were able to suffice the suspect with simple audible evidence that the cup was filled with water. We believe that later on he examined the contents of the then discarded and neglected cup and found our words to be truth.

As the day in our town progressed, another urgent disaster took place.

From the reports that came in, the victim was robbed of his one and only set of keys and the thief made their speeding escape on hands and knees. The stolen item was found in the suspect's mouth.

Negotiations were made and all parties from both sides were content to go their separate ways in peace after the missing keys were restored to the victim.

While the high ranking official dined with the male occupants of the town, a resistance to all authority in regard to food rations soon was evident. A series of negotiations resulted in no further communication or success in proper feeding of the entire male population and the violator was peacefully banned to their respective section of town in order to arrange for necessary deliberations on their part to cooperate with the law. A mild punishment of only water was the single company of the suspect.

Swiftly, arrangements were made evident that the whole of the male resident was willing to make the effort of dining in peace with the rest of the town. Case closed peacefully. Water was replaced with authentic human companionship. (aka: mom)

The high ranking law enforcement requested all man power to report for duty to the department where an unofficial kleenex needed to be extracted from it's receptacle and moved to a necessary location. All parties in that union went on strike and demanded release from the request.

The kleenex demand was in place considering the evidence of extreme excretions called for at least the company of a singular tissue but upon the unexpected strike, law enforcement went to the task of investigating the cause of the job strike and found no reason for a mandatory cease from labors. As a proper search continued, a needed consultation of the high ranking official with the head authority (aka: dad) of our town was underway. Delegations were made and set until an unfortunate disaster broke out.

Investegators found extensive property damage in the area where the kleenexes were safely stored. An almost entire collection of tissue, was dismembered and scattered throughout a certain section of our village. The suspect was at the scene and soon arrested for further interrogation.

As negotiations were set, the suspect was found guilty and apprehended. All available officials (aka: mom), began the clean up process and the kleenex collection was soon restored.

During these series of events, an unusual epidemic broke out in the female population of our town. There was extreme unrest and lack of peace as the wails of strong vocal chords permeated the walls of our village. No peace talks were activated as the suspect was willingly violating the peace and desired no available negotiations. Evidently, whatever was lacking, soon came to restoration.

For the stability and furtherance of peace in our town, a siesta was soon in order. 100% of the population resisted the mandatory rest period but soon willingly accepted sleep when their wails for release fell on unsympathetic ears.

As the impending shadow of sleep swiftly swept over the wailing population, peace again reigned as sleep stole wakefulness away. Whether or not the accurate number of sheep are counted in the clouds of rest, at least the accurate amount of the population is counted for and sufficiently tucked away. In peace.

At last, this high ranking official can feel the thrill of feeling patience since as she types here, there are no twinges of frustration in her gracious being. But wait, am I really being patient if there's no reason why I have to choose between patience and frustration right now? Patience can only have her perfect work when those able to extend patience choose to be patient.

The end result is a peaceful authority. (aka: mom)


Roxanne_momof2 said...

O my gosh!! You kill me girl. LOL
Have you thought about writing a book? You would be awesome.

Monica said...

I think you have more patience then I do. But then again you have two children.

BrittLeigh said...

Yeah Girl, I agree with roxanne! Put that patience to work and get us a book! I am POSITIVE it would be a bestseller :o). LOL! Great post! I loved it!!

Rachel Marie said...

Great Post, Court!!!=D